The philosphy of Suon’Arte

The philosophy of Suon’Arte is that of focusing music and listening to it  at the first place, like the designer of Audio Tekne Products Mr Kiyoaky Imai does. We share the principles which inspire his work and a text written by him follows, which helps to understand his and our philosophy.
Suon’Arte has a new approach to the sale, proposing Audio Tekne products at interesting prices. We are dealing
with a trademark considered all over the world absolutely outstanding for design and playback quality.
We realize that we are offering exclusive objects, practically hand manufactured by the designer, instead of mass products, but perfect devices addressed to the most demanding music lovers.
That’s why, as music fans, we have chosen not to be subject to the usual commercial logic. We are trying to put on the market these „means“ for the musical reproduction at prices corresponding to our investments and their true value.
It is our belief that all this is possible by keeping a direct contact with those who, like us, want to listen to music
with a sensation of harmony and wellbeing. We are convinced that our efforts will receive the due appreciation.

The following text has been written in Japanese by Mr Imai and we report ist English translation, as received from Japan..