From the passion for the beautiful sound, born a new concept of distribution of the products Audio Tekne.

From the meeting between Mr. Kiyoaki Imai, Gianluigi Baldi and Paolo Giacchi born in Lecco Audio Tekne, a new reality that from the 1st of June of 2008, officially releases the Audio Tekne’s products.
It all began with the passion and probably it couldn’t be other way, given that they approach to so unique and particular objects, already must have gone through a long journey and process of research a quite enough high quality of sound that is able to replace, but never without tiring the listening, that wellness and nature, that the music was born itself and it was repurposed to the public over the centuries.

Mr. Kiyoaki Imai has been always considered around the world a reference point for music playback, where he created and personalized his own creations, had applied concepts and unique materials, eliminating every superficial thing and working on the highest quality, with the only one goal of being able to give back to the listeners emotions, natural sounds and wellness.

The Suon’arte’s commitment is to provide to the passionate all the Audio Tekne’s products for custom made plays, including the extraordinary series 9501/9502 and the speakers SP-8716 in the maximum configuration with the tweeter completely permenjule top level.

For information 0341.633263 - info@suonarte.com