The difference between music and sound
Music: Art by sound, Rhythm, Vibrant tune, Tone, It is based on harmony etc, and what performs the music composed by various form, and there are a musical instrument and vocal music.

Sound: It is physical.
1. Strength of Sound is Intensity of Sound Wave.
2. High of Sound is Character of Sound by Pitch Sound.
3. Volume of Sound is Size of Sound on Feeling.

Comfort: It is sensuous.
1. They are pleasant to be sound in mind and body.

My personal history
I was born in Shimizu-shi, Shizuoka on April 24, 1942.
It seems that I heard the symphony of No. 5 of Beethoven that an elder brother hears by SP at the time of 2 years old.
It is separated from 20 years old of the year of an elder brother and mine.
I was interested in amateur radio from the time of 13 years old. My call is JA2BDC.
As for me, LP record was heard for the first time at the age of 17, and noise heard the sound of amateur radio, and my hobby changed to listening to music from amateur radio.
Music relieves the heart. I feel it for charm most.